Monday, November 7, 2011

Firefox 8 Available for Download, Improves Add-ons Security

The next major version of Firefox web browser – Firefox 8 is scheduled to go live from November 8th, but the final versions for Windows, Mac & Linux are already available on Mozilla’s FTP servers. Though Mozilla has restrained from making any major changes to the UI, they have managed to address some key security aspects in this new release.

Third party add-on installation management

The most important change is in the way Firefox handles third party add-on installations. Previously, there were no checks in place in the browser, as any third party software could add its own extension into the browser without even asking the user for permissions. This has been addressed in Firefox 8.
Integrated Twitter Search
Twitter search is now integrated within the Firefox browser search. Users can now look for Tweets right from the browser’s address bar and search bar.

Improved Startup time

Another useful feature added in Firefox 8 is the way the browser loads the tabs on start. Users can configure Firefox to only load the selected tab on browser start, and the remaining ones once they are activated by the user. This can result in faster start of the browser.
There’s also improved WebSocket support, improved tab animations, improved memory handling and added support for HTML5 context menus.

Download Firefox 8 :

BY : Sanjz Vekaria


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